Created under the auspices of Fairfax Parks and Recreation (PARC) the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program began in 1992, with Frank Gonzales serving as the first of seven AIRs to date. The residency is an appointed position that is ratified by the Fairfax Town Council who accept recommendations from the Fairfax PARC.

Artists-in-Residence have given of their time and creative energy to the citizens of Fairfax over the years.  Some offerings included:  Open Studio times, After-school classes for youth, Creative Fairs open to all ages, working with Fairfax teens at the Youth Center, painting town murals, haunted happenings and face paintings, drum circles, pastels/drawing classes and contributing art activities and energy at the Fairfax Festival.

Our Artists-in-Residence receive free use of studio space (Pavilion Loft), free use of other town facilities for the purpose of artists functions, a small annual budget ($400) for supplies, and the title of Artist-in-Residence.  In addition, the Artist-in-Residence has considerable latitude in the creation of the Artist-in-Residence role for the Town of Fairfax.  It is expected that the artist will collaborate with the Fairfax Recreation department, provide art assistance and/or programming during the Fairfax Festival and for the annual Volunteer Town Picnic, and attend the Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) meetings to report on activities.

Current Artist-in-Residence

Newly appointed Fairfax Artist-in-Residence, Stephanie Mohan, is a photographer, local mom and businesswoman in Fairfax.  As part of her residency, she will be working with Parks and Recreation to bring classes and events to the community for the next two years. 

Stephanie is creating a book featuring the Faces of Fairfax.  The project will span her residency and the book will be available to purchase at the December 2018 Craft Faire.  We can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Follow Stephanie's progress at AIR here: www.fairfaxartist.com. To find out more about her work, please go to: www.creativeportraiture.com 

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